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Lala Lajpat Rai Senior College at Haji Ali, Mumbai, Maharashtra,India
Lala Lajpat Rai College of Commerce & Economics, Hajiali, Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Of those Bygone days, what does one remember besides the few Girlfriends names, and few best friends. 

My favorite Hangout place was Bang opposite the College, at Hajiali Durgah not for praying but for siting around the lovely rock-face landscape exactly behind the Durgah. It was a favorite place for bunking classes and idling our time away with female classmates. 

Front view of Hajiali Durgah bang opposite our college in the middle of the Hajiali Mosque Sea.
Front view of Hajiali Durgah bang opposite our college in the middle of the Sea.

Scenery behind Hajiali Durgah, in the middle of the Sea.

Lala Lajpatrai College Auditorium Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Lala Lajpatrai College Auditorium

In those bygone days, our college was one of the few colleges in Mumbai that had its very own full fledged and professional auditorium for all types of events. College students used to get the auditorium at subsidized and discounted prices for organizing their musical shows and events. 

One last memory of us supporting some college students who played the song PAPA KEHTE HAI BADA NAAM KAREGA from Quamayat se Quamayat tak Hindi Bollywood movie in a live band on this same auditorium stage. Names are forgotten, Faces are disappearing. What remains is a faint memory of that song well played by them on stage and we all spectators dancing on the floor and even on the seats!

In Memory of those good old days: