Frequently Asked Questions



What is a domain name?

A domain name is a user-friendly and human-readable address used to identify a web server or any Internet-connected computer over the world wide web network. It serves as a remember able label for locating and identifying Internet resources, such as websites, email services, other internet and online services. The domain name concept is a fundamental aspect of the Internet’s naming system, which enables users to access resources using easily memorable names instead of complex numerical Internet Protocol (IP) addresses.

How many days does it take to get a new website designed?

Within two weeks, we can conceptualize, create and complete a website ready to be hosted online provided all the data, images and feedback is provided by the client in advance or in time. Minimum 15 working days and Maximum 30 working days excluding Weekends and Public holidays. 

Do you offer any discounts for new website designs?

Yes, we offer discounts only for Non – Commercial Organizations based anywhere and all over India. Discounts are offered only to genuine charitable institutions engaged in some social, charitable, or religious work Social, Cultural, Religious and Spiritual organizations of all religions and faiths are welcome to request for a discount. 

Website Content Creation

Website Content would depend on the main business area of your web site. If you run a business website you would include as much information about your company, your products or services that your customers would need to purchase or engage services from you. Every website designing package includes free content development assistance. We develop and write about your business for you in English language. 

Do I need to buy domain name from you only?

Preferably yes. It is best for connecting your completed website by us only with your chosen domain name.  

Not Compulsorily. You can buy the domain name from whomsoever you wish to buy from. We can do your website designing and development and get your website hosted online wherever you wish to. Not recommended in the long term as you will need to provide us the CP (Control Panel) of your domain name. 

Do you sell or provide stand alone Hosting or Server space?

No. We do not sell any kind of hosting or server space. Rather all of our dynamic website designing packages include a free server solution for life. You save money in the long term with us. 

Can i buy only domain names from your enterprise?

No. We do NOT register only domain names. We do not provide the registration of exclusive domain names only with us. As a business policy of ours, we register domain names for clients only when they we are designing and developing their complete website with our agency. The charges for domain names are all inclusive within the designing package rates.

Do you provide end to end complete website designing solutions?

Yes. We provide complete website solutions. It is best to take our complete website packages giving end to end web solutions under one roof. Our complete website packages includes registering of domain name, providing server space, creating email id, designing and development of complete website with as many Webpages you need, adding of data that is textual content, images, videos etc and  finally uploading and hosting your website online on the internet at your official domain name. 

What are my annual yearly recurring costs to be paid every year?

Besides the rental renewal charges of your domain name, there is no other charges. We do not charge you expensive hosting or server charges. Our dynamic website packages comes with free hosting and server for life. 
  • No Hosting or Server Charges ever. 
  • No Maintenance Charges
  • No Hidden Costs or Charges
  • No Updating Charges
  • No Training Charges
  • No Control Issues. 
  • No future Consultation or Advice or Suggestion Charges.
  • No control on your donations via your website. 
  • No Control on what content you add in your website. Your staff or representative will be responsible for the content.
  • No Website Back End “handing over” charges on job completion.

Do we have to pay website designing or maintenance charges every year?

No. Absolutely not. Website designing charges are one time only. We design and develop your website for hosting online on the internet. We charge you only once for the website designing.

Do i have to fill in any forms or sign any documents for getting my business or personal website designed by Holidaygoa Enterprises?

Yes. You have to fill in a Domain Name Registration Form specifying your request for the same. The specific website designing package you choose that Website Designing Package Offer, Proposal or Quotation you have to receive a copy and sign on another copy. You have to read, agree and sign the Website Designing Terms & Conditions document too. 

All three documents will be simultaneously provided along with your detailed website designing quotation by email. 

What about Consultation charges, if any?

WITHIN GOA: NO. There is absolutely no charge for the first visit to a client anywhere in Goa. In-fact Holidaygoa Enterprises provides all customers within Goa a Free Website Consultation without any charge whatsoever.

WITHIN INDIA: The Proprietor of Holidaygoa Enterprises will visit the client once, anywhere in India, provided that the client is genuinely interested in getting a website designed by us and has read, understood and accepted our Website designing & development Charges Quotation. 

There will be absolutely no extra charges levied for transportation, lodging or boarding in any of the states of India. 

OUTSIDE INDIA (Internationally): Personal meeting is absolutely not needed as we have executed and completed International projects without meeting the clients in person in their foreign country. If the company is an outsourcing agency and demands on a single personal international visit, then all the Proprietor asks for is the cheapest / economy  return flight airfare. Lodging and Boarding will be taken care by the owner himself. 

For a Free Website Consultation anywhere in Goa, Is there an obligation to engage your designing services only?

NO. Absolutely Obligation Free.

Does a customer have total control over the backend of his website?

Yes. For every dynamic website design we provide you total total admin access rights to the backend of your website. We also provide you a downloadable backup copy of your completed website for future backup, safety and security. 

Are you providing Marketing Services in any State of India?

Yes. We are currently having a Marketing representative in Andhra Pradesh state.