Birth - A Silent Entry

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 DEAD AT BIRTH: My Mums Miracle


(Disclaimer: The event mentioned here is NOT a Miracle by any standards. Still births or Sleeping babies are still born today, but since 1970, Medical standards and knowledge has grown in leaps and bounds over the last 05 decades, so now very few babies die as still births, but still there are always those that are born DEAD AT BIRTH) 

Today I am going to share a very special moment in my life that is the Day of my birth.

DOB – Date of Birth

For everyone DOB stands for Date of Birth. For me it was dead on Birth. Yes. I was nicely sleeping in my mother’s comfortable womb, when I was forcibly pulled out with the doctor’s cold and surgical stainless steel forceps.

I arrived into this world, not crying, not laughing too. But perfectly quiet and sleeping.
Doctors in their medical language like to call this phenomenon during deliveries as “STILL BIRTH” and not Baby dead at Birth.

After a lot of efforts, all of the doctors gave up to wake me up and revive me. Even on their medical charts, I was already declared as still birth or dead.

But my mother already having 4 grown up children did not give up on me.
My Mother went in a wild fit of rage. She beat couple of doctors, black & blue. She even stabbed a doctor with some injection that she got her hands onto.

My Mother’s rage was very violent and uncontrollable.  The doctors wanted her to make her unconscious and calm, but no one dared to go close to her.   An FIR was lodged on 100 and the police were summoned too.

My Mother begged and pleaded and prayed to the Cops. On the request by the police the doctors agreed to give a final try. The doctors hung me upside down and slapped my back, till it was black and brown.

Still no crying. My mother got a desperate idea. She demanded for a full Size Ice Block and the doctors made me sleep on either side.

Even one of the cops on the scene, broke protocol, removed his Uniform shirt. Mum recollected clearly remembering the Mumbai Cop in white banian (innerwear).  

He stepped in to give me a good beating on my back. In Marathi language he said, “Melela aahe toh. Marun ani kai Marnar”. Meaning, “Its dead already, a little more beating won’t hurt or kill him anymore.” 

Finally after a good police beating, I finally cried. I was crying and everyone around me I am told was shouting and screaming with joy. It was nothing less than a miracle for my mother that day. Hence my middle name is JESUS. For I was born dead and yet today I am alive.


To conclude I would love to connect this incident to all of our lives. Never give up easily. Never give up because others have given up. Just like my Mother never gave up on me. Just like that Mumbai Cop who never gave up on me. All of us have to be in our personal and professional lives like my Mother or that Mumbai Cop. We have both of them hidden somewhere in our lives. That mother or that cop who will continue slapping us if we are dead. But the fire within you should be awesome to get up, be awesome and raise and shine ahead. No matter what.