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South Goa has a total of 48 exclusive beaches.


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Holiday Goa Enterprises have found by hiking and trekking on foot, that Goa in the South or (Salcete) South Goa has a long number of 48 beaches within its geographical boundaries from Canacona city in the extreme south till Vasco city in its extreme West. 

Learning via travelling about human relationships.

 Travel More. Love More.

Travel to Goa, traveling teaches to learn about life and love

WARNING AND DISCLAIMER: This article readership is for "Adults Only" for those with some amount of "Emotional Intelligence" and some "Relationship Experience". Men and Women with weak hearts and minds, please proceed at your own reading risk. OR STOP HERE. These thoughts are perfectly and personally mine. Its my perspective. Love it or Hate it, at-least you are gonna read it. Your reading it is at your own risk and it indemnifies me from your reactions. There is a possibility that you may Rant, Rave or Freak out at my thoughts. I am not asking or pleading or requesting anyone (male or female) to agree to my views or to join any movement. 

Travel Story - Not Interested in Living.


Not Interested in Living!

Our Journeys are the Stories of Us - Susan Pohlman

I started packing my baggage, knowing very well that I was surely going to miss the plane. With half an hour in hand, two bellboys rushing my luggage to the trunk of the waiting black and yellow taxi, my hotel in Colaba an upscale residential cum tourist area in Mumbai (earlier Bombay) seemed to be a million miles away from the bumper to bumper traffic of this city called Mumbai which earned itself the tag of becoming the Mega city of India, just because of its bursting population.

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