South Goa has a total of 48 exclusive beaches.


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Holiday Goa Enterprises have found by hiking and trekking on foot, that Goa in the South or (Salcete) South Goa has a long number of 48 beaches within its geographical boundaries from Canacona city in the extreme south till Vasco city in its extreme West. 

  • Ka - Go Beach

Karnataka - Goa Border Beach
Karnataka - Goa Border Beach

Google Photos link of Ka - Go Beach: 

This is the first beach of Goa for those entering and approaching Goa state from the Coastal side of Karnataka state. The best and easiest way to reach this beach is by motor powered boats. Many boat operators are available both from Palolem Beach and Karwar beach. Trekking is another option. But involves lots of walking in the hot sun, plus dangers of wild snakes. Also will have to carry lots of water and snacks for the hike. Ka - Go stands for Karnataka - Goa Border beach. This beach is situated on the extreme end of Goa's Southern border with Karnataka state. 

  • Polem Beach 

This is the second beach on entering Goa from the Karnataka state border side. Polem beach is definitely much bigger and litter more visited too by tourists when compared with the first beach that is Ka-Go Border Beach. Technically the fishing shoreline in the Arabian Sea  waters starts from here for Karnataka state fishermen. Clean and less crowded South beach plus rocky cliffs are part of its terrain. Dolphins in the sea and white bellied fish eagles approach directly on the beach shores. Polem beach is around 60 kms southwards from Margao, the commercial city of South Goa by the National Highway 66, and at a total approximate distance of 100 kilometers from Goa’s capital city of Panaji (Panjim). 

  • Tolivia Beach
Tolivia Beach is an extreme south Goa beach
Tolivia Beach

Google Photo links of Tolivia beach: 

Near this beach of Tolivia, exists natural Sea Caves that were recently discovered and exploited commercially by trekkers and hikers of Goa. The Tolivia sea caves of South Goa are believed to be the longest sea caves on the western coast of Goa and India. 

Video of Unexplored Tolivia Beach Sea Caves: 

  • Tanso Beach

  • Xendrem Beach
Xendrem Beach needs trekking to reach this beach.
Xendrem Beach

Google photo links of Xendrem beach:

Xendrem beach is very isolated from the other southern beaches of Goa. One has to trek on foot in the hot sun for around 30 + minutes to reach this beach. Its an Off the track and Off the trails beach. The only way in and out of this beach is via a steep incline and long walk to the village of Lolliem. 

  • Galgibaga Beach
Galgibaga Beach hosts the 7 Star Resort of Goa
Galgibaga Beach

  • Talpona Beach

Approximately 01 km of beach stretching immediately after break by a hillock separating it from Galgibagh beach. Situated in Canacona district of extreme South Goa. If you reach it by train, then its located at only 09 kms from Canacona Railway Station. 

  • Rajbhag Beach

  • Patnem Beach
  • Colomb Beach 

  • Palolem Beach

Palolem beach is the most best crescent shaped beach of South Goa

Google Photos links of Galgibaga beach:

  • Dragonfly Beach

  • Butterfly Beach
  • Honeymoon Beach
  • Agonda Beach
  • Coco Cola Beach
  • Pepsi Cola Beach
  • Kakolem Beach
  • Pebbles Beach
  • Cabo de Rama Beach
  • Nuem Beach
  • Little Beach
  • Canaguinim Beach
  • Betul Beach
  • Mobor Beach
  • Cavellossim Beach
  • Fatrade Beach
  • Varca Beach
  • Trinity Beach
  • Sernabatim Beach
  • Colva Beach
  • Betalbatim Beach
  • Sunset Beach
  • Majorda Beach
  • Utorda Beach
  • Arrossim Beach
  • Cansaulim Beach
  • Velsao Beach
  • Valor Beach
  • Sankhwal Beach
  • Hollant Beach
  • Bogmalo Beach
  • Bimbel Beach

  • Hansa Beach
Hansa beach, Vasco city, South Goa

The Hansa Beach is a private Navy beach in South Goa. Since its only accessible through the land property of INS Hansa Naval Base, the Navy generally restricts the common Indian citizen even the local residential Goans from entering this beach on "Safety & Security" grounds. It is situated very closely to the Naval Aviation Museum of Bogmalo and one could have a sneak peak from the plateau top of this Hansa beach. Try your luck with the Indian Navy. 

  • Baina Beach
Baina Beach at Vasco city, South Goa

This is the city beach of Vasco Port City of South Goa. Located at less than 01 km walking distance from Baina city roads. Three Islands can be easily spotted while standing on Baina beach with the naked eye. At a short walking distance is the Rabindra Bhavan a cool hangout out place for performing arts, music and cultural events. Canteen and Rest Room facilities for common public open here during office working hours. 
  • Monkey Beach
Monkey Island Beach

Canacona Island is also popularly called as Monkey Island, due to the existence of many monkeys who have made this island their home. The tiny stretch of Monkey beach becomes visible only when there is low tides in the sea levels. During low tides the sandy ground area around the Monkey or Canacona Island appears visible and this is the Monkey beach. Situated exactly opposite to Palolem beach in extreme South Goa. 

  • Grandmothers Hole Beach
Grandmothers Hole Beach in Goa

Many people find the above beach name very offensive, because they are thinking and connecting it with the physiology or biological features of a human body. The name is a perfect example of a play of words. Grandmother's Hole Beach refers to a "Hole in the Cave" like opening amidst an ancient fort ruins that leads towards this secluded and superb beach. The double meaning beach name has its origins with a Grandmother anxiously waiting for her only grandson who was a traditional fisherman, to return safely from this daily work of catching fish from the oceans of the Arabian Sea.


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