Terms & Conditions

Goa Educational Tours Terms & Conditions

 Goa Educational Tours Terms and Conditions

  • For School, College, Educational Institution:

  • The GET tour is done in complete association with the student's school, college, or educational institution. 
  • The GET tour is a public school event organized in collaboration with the school, college, or educational institution for them and their students. 
  • The educational institution has to provide complete documentation support to GET representatives in getting the 50 % Train Fare discount applicable for Students Group Train Bookings. 
  • The educational institution has to provide assistance to GET representatives in the dissemination (sharing) of Informational Brochures / Posters on its Students Bulletin Board or whatever mode of communication they have.
  • The educational institution needs to share the website address of www.goaeducationaltours.com to all of its students. All the necessary Questions and Concerns are addressed there. The GET website can be opened on all Computers, Laptops, Tablets and is Mobile phone friendly too. 

  • For Parents:

  • Parents and legal guardians of the children (students) have to sign the Parental Consent & Legal Disclaimer Form for enabling their children to join and participate in the Goa Educational Tour. 
  • Parents/Guardians of the students are requested and required to have a good look at our website of www.goaeducationaltours.com. They are specially requested to read the webpages of "Pack & Carry", "Terms & Conditions" and "Package" on the site. 
  • Parents/Guardians have to make all,"GET" tour payments in full and in sufficient advance as and when required. 
  • If any parents want to take separate and private travel insurance for their children, then they can do so at their own choice and discretion. 
  • GET will be taking the nominal and optional Rail insurance for all the participants for both the train journeys. From Home destination in India till Goa and from Goa back to home destination in India. Details about the Indian Railways Insurance Policy is here.