Parental Consent & Disclaimer Form

Parental Consent and Disclaimer Form

Inter-State Trip Activity Permission Form by Parent or Legal Guardian

Form to serve as an Example and for Demo purpose. 

(Please tick or strike what is not appropriate I/We & fill in the blank details) 

I/We the parents / guardians namely, Mr & Mrs: ____________________________________________________________________________________________

have our child/children currently studying in School/College ____________________________________________________________________________________________.

We are aware of the Goa Educational Tour (GET) that is being planned & organized by your educational institution. Our child/children are excited about it and we are interested that our child/children should actively participate in this interstate tour to Goa.

We have been duly briefed about the GET tour by the school/college authorities and the GET representative here in _____________________________, India. We also have had a good look at the group educational trip event website of on the internet.

We have read, understood, and have agreed to the Terms & Conditions and Package details of Goa Educational Tours.

Our child’s/Children’s names is/are: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

They are currently studying in _________________________________________________________ standard of _______________________________________________________________________________

Educational institution.

As parents and legal guardians of the above-mentioned student’s, I/We provide our permission for our child/children to participate in the interstate & outstation activity tour to the state of Goa.

We provide our consent for our children to travel in the school/college educational group tour to Goa. We understand that multiple days will be spent in traveling to and fro between students Home state and the state of Goa on the train and the main educational tour organized by Holidaygoa Enterprises will be of 3 Nights & 4 Days within Goa state only.

Travel & Activity Disclaimer

I/We as parents and guardians do understand that personal injury can and may occur to my child/children, and I/We hereby authorize Goa Educational Tours/Holidaygoa Enterprises/ or any other appointed representatives to seek and consent to emergency medical attention for my child/child if as and when needed; and I further agree to be liable for and to pay all costs as and when incurred in connection with such medical attention.

I/We as parents or legal guardians of the students hereby release Goa Educational Tours / Holidaygoa Enterprises /, its proprietors, employees, agents, representatives, tour facilitators, tour organizers, staff, and volunteers from any and all liabilities claims, demands, causes of action and possible causes of action whatsoever arising out or related to any loss, damage, or injury (including death) that MAY be sustained by my child/children in some unfortunate, uncontrollable, and unforeseen accident, while participating in the "GET" tour or while traveling to and fro from this event in Goa.

Below I/We have provided all of the personal and private Insurance information, restrictions, known allergies, and present medications information necessary for the child/children to appropriate medical care and attention ONLY when extremely necessary.


I/We give permission to our child/children to travel by Train from Jharkhand to Goa and to ride in any vehicle designated by Goa Educational Tour, its employees, representatives, tour guides, and adult volunteers, while participating in and traveling to and from this event.

I/We agree to accept full responsibility, financially or otherwise, for any damage, my child/children may do to the property of Goa Educational Tours or other Public and Private properties, other third parties properties, or vehicles used for transportation visited on & during the education tour to Goa.

I/We have read, understood, agreed and voluntarily consent towards subscribing our hand written name and signatures to all of the above statements.

Father’s Full Name: ____________________   Mother’s Full Name: _____________________

Father’s Signature: ____________________    Mother’s Signature: ___________________ __

Date: ____________________________________   Date: ______________________________________

Place: ___________________________________   Place: _____________________________________

Mobile Phone Number: ________________  Mobile Phone Number: ____________________ 

Emergency Contact Number: __________ Emergency Contact Number: ______________ 

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