FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about Goa Educational Tours

Frequently Asked Questions about Students Trips to Goa.

Frequently asked questions about Goa Weekend Trips

Is there any age limit for the students to join GET?

Yes. First, the individual should be a bonafide student of the concerned school, college, or educational institution. The maximum permissible age limit is 25 years at the time of joining the tour. As Railways gives 50% Train fare discount only to students till the age of 25.

Can we bring our friends from another school or college?

NO. You cannot bring students from another institution on the GET tour. All the students in the group have to belong to the same school, college or educational institution.

How many days tour is the GET event?

FROM MARGAO TO MARGO IN GOA: The GET event is a 3 Nights and 4 Days tour in totality.

FROM JHARKHAND: The Trip event will involve another 2.5 days of travel time arriving to Goa and 2.5 days reaching back to Jharkhand.

So total Trip event days will be approximately 5 days of travelling in train and 4 days of tour in Goa. So total of 09 days.

What does GET stand for?

GET stands for Goa Educational Tour.

Can i join and come on GET tour without my parents or guardians permission? 

NO. All students are considered as minors. Hence compulsory permission of parents and guardians is required for interstate travel and to be away from home for 09 days.

What is C & D Form?

C & D Form stands for Consent and Disclaimer Form.

CONSENT: The student's parents or legal guardians have to give their voluntary consent for your participation and travel in the GET tour.

DISCLAIMER: Every student's parents or legal guardians have to sign the legal disclaimer form too.

As a participant what will i get in the package of GET tour?

This is answered in detail on the webpage titled PACKAGE on the website https://www.holidaygoa.com/p/package.html

What is your website name?

If you are reading the FAQ on this web-page, then you are on our website. Its name is WWW.HOLIDAYGOA.COM

On my birthday day, at home, my dad allows me to have a single beer. So can i drink beer on the Goa tour?

NO. Consumption of any kind of alcohol (Beer, Wine, Toddy, Hard drinks, Breezers, etc) are STRICTLY NOT ALLOWED for personal or private consumption by any and all students.

Teachers and Professors are adults. Can they drink alcohol when in Goa on GET event?

Our policy is NO. Teachers and Professors have to set an example to students. Also, if teachers and professors get drunk, then who will monitor the students. Hence, NO Alcohol for Teachers and Professors on trip too.

Can students or teachers buy alcohol on shopping trip to carry back to home destination?

NO. Suggested and Recommended NOT to buy and carry any alcohol products while travelling back to your home destination. Carrying of any type of Alcohol is BANNED & ILLEGAL on all Indian Railway Trains. So everyone has to exempt and keep away from this risky behavior.

Can students carry their personal mobile phone and camera on GET event?

YES. All students can carry their personal and private mobile phones and cameras. The responsibility and accountability of taking care of your expensive digital products rests with self. Every student is responsible for the safety of their own belongings.

Will we students get Non Vegetarian meals during our GET event in Goa?

YES. Every student will have a standard choice of Vegetarian Thali or Non-Vegetarian Thali. Non-Veg here refers to Chicken only.

Can we students take photos and videos of our GET tour?

YES. Every student can take their own photos and also make their own videos of the GET tour in Goa.

Can we add our Students GET trip videos on the internet?

YES. You can. Every student can do so. If they do not have their own YouTube channel then we can add their videos to Goa As It Is channel for all to see.

How far is Goa in Kms from Jharkhand by train?

The distance between Goa and Jharkhand by train route is 1480 km.

How to make payment for the GET tour?

Please do refer to the PRICINGS / PAYMENTS page at https://www.holidaygoa.com/p/pricing-payments.html

When has the payment of GET tour to be done? 

GET tour representative will communicate with students and school on regular basis on this.

FIRST, only the Railway Train Fare has to be paid in full advance as the Train bookings have to be done in much sufficient advance.

SECONDLY: Once the Train Group Tickets are booked, then immediately the balance GET Tour amount has to be paid individually by each and every student directly into the bank account of Holidaygoa.com 

Please do refer to the PRICINGS / PAYMENTS page at https://www.holidaygoa.com/p/pricing-payments.html