Educational Tours, Trips and Treks to Goa

Educational Tours to Goa

Educational Trips and Tours to Goa

The main focus and thrust of any educational tour/trip are to give on-field exposure and real-world experience to the students. This gives them the chance to get out of four-walled classroom buildings and interact with the real world live environments. In these informal settings and outdoor excursions, the educational tour even allows students to develop even more closer bonds with teachers and classmates. 

The world is our classroom

Goa Educational Tours

Read about history in textbooks, now it's time to indulge your senses in a museum. Heard about geographical places like Goa, now it's time to visit that place in person. Never seen the vast and wide ocean, then it's time to splash and swim in the cool blue waters of the Arabian Sea. Never smelt International foods, then Goa is a culinary destination for Portuguese, & other international cuisines. Interested in Forts, Temples, Churches of the ancient Portuguese era, then when in Goa, you will be standing inside one. There is lots to look at and learn if you allow the world to be your live classroom. 

Get Independent and Dependent

Independent and Dependent Goa Tours

Any educational tour takes you on an excursion to a place that you have never visited. It takes you out of your comfort zone, so to say. But along with your fellow classmates and teachers and in a large group. This develops firstly your abilities to be independent and to take care of your self and your personal articles. At the same time it teaches you to depend immediately on your classmate or friend, then your teacher or professor, and lastly on your tour organizer. Following instructions, rules and guidelines is a must for having a successful and enjoyable tour/trip. This ensures and encourages every student to become more disciplined and organized so that he/she will enjoy the educational tour to the max. 

National Integration

Goa National Integration Tours

Always an inter-state, education tour opens new vistas of experiences to all the human senses. It introduces India as a mosaic of different languages, cultures, culinary, creeds, and communities. It teaches students that we as an individual are part & parcel of this mega melting pot of cultures that we call -India. Educational tours at an early age re-inforces that unity in diversity can be maintained through national integration efforts.

First hand live experience.

Goa First Hand Experience

Reading a book about a destination is one thing. Reaching that destination is a live experience in which some can write their very own book, explaining about that place. So an educational tour lets you to soak your senses and take back live experiences. 

Make Stories & Memories. 

Life is all about making stories and memories. The more success stories you make, the more great memories you will take. 

Make Stories and Memories in Goa

299 Words Student Essay on an Educational Tour: Article shared by Shruti

An educational tour is a part of the academic experience in most schools and colleges. Such tours help students to understand firsthand about various subjects.

For instance, schools may take students on educational tours to zoos and parks to acquaint them with flora and fauna. It is one thing to see the picture of an animal or a plant in a book and quite another to see it face to face.

Similarly, a visit to the planetarium is very useful to understand astronomy. In colleges too such tours are conducted. History students may be taken to places of historic importance or museums where ancient artifacts are preserved. A visit to old forts and palaces or the ruins of ancient kingdoms can make history come alive before our eyes. It also gives us an idea of how people lived in the olden days. Science students may be taken to places of scientific importance like research labs. Archaeology students are taken to sites of excavation.
An educational tour is a fun-filled experience. As the tour may be too far away places, it is an opportunity for students to have a jolly time together. For some days they can forget about classes and homework and exams. The travel by bus or train, with students singing songs and making merry while indulgent teachers look on, is an unforgettable experience. 

Even onlookers feel an infectious enthusiasm when they see a busload of students singing in gay abandon and waving to them gaily. The proximity of friends and the absence of parents is an invitation to mirth and mischief. Some close friendships may be forged during this period for we understand more about people when we stay with them for some days. The saddest part is coming back home to the same old routine.